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we’ve got to carry each other, carry each other.

May 23, 2009 Leave a comment

This week the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland meet and the main focus of the media on the event has been on the events that will take place tonight; the case concerning the decision of Aberdeen Presbytery and the Overture. I am not going to write about my opinion on it, because it’s been said by people, in other blogs, much more clearly than I could ever do. I am nevous about the proceedings, I am worried about the conflict. My main hope is that whatever the outcome people will show love, show love to each other. There will be disagreement but I hope no one will condemn anyone for such opposing views. A big learning curve for me, in my church life, is that treating people with love and grace is vitally important, something Jesus continually talked about; “Love your neighbour…”. Sometimes, we fail but we can always learn from this. I hope and pray there is love shown, from both sides, and that the proceedings are peaceful. The protests this morning, showing personal attacks through the signs displayed were hurtful and I really, really hope this is not something that is continued into tonight.

I like U2:

“One life
With each other

One life
But we’re not the same
We get to carry each other
Carry each other”

The General Assembly, of course, has so many other items of business to attend to and yesterday showed that this business was not being set aside as being of any less importance. I sat in the public gallery which made me realise how amazing it is to be a youth rep at the Assembly and how much I missed it, but it was good to watch proceedings and see lots of people again. Communion from the public gallery was really moving; even though we were not commissioners we were still included in the worship and this demonstrated to me how inclusive the assembly is. The Church and Society council report took up most of the day. I was really impressed with the clear passion displayed regarding climate change, which attracted a lot more debate than I expected. Throughout the report I was moved by many commissioners speeches but one that particularly stuck out was one given by Rev Peter Johnston, regarding the use of torture. It seemed vital for the church to affirm this; something that continues to happen despite the clear opposition to it in law within human rights legislation. It still continues to happen and the church affirming that the use of torture should be deplored demonstrated to me its willingness to enforce and uphold its moral stance.

That is all I shall say for the moment. I miss GA a lot currently but I’m so happy to be able to be a geek and follow it from either the gallery or the web. Finally, for tonight, I hope there is peace and I hope there is love. I also hope there is continued fellowship and friendship; things that have been so evident to me over my time at GA.

one brick at a time…

May 13, 2009 1 comment

It’s taken many years but our church finally have our new hall! Hurray! There are many photos of it and of us all having our first look inside. It was such a good day, everyone is so excited about it and the opportunities it is going to bring. We built it together (i’m glad we didn’t literally build it) and now it’s a place for everyone. Happy, happy times.

a view from the new hall.

a view from the new hall.

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