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October 12, 2009 1 comment

I have not been good at blogging. I shall try to be better at some point. I have been considering an imaginary on dinner party in a very serious manner due to bizarre application forms so I shall put ramblings about that on here very soon hopefully.
For now, we have our puppy! She is not called Bella. She is, in fact, called Holly. She is very lovely but sadly wants to chew everything at the moment, especially my feet. Here she is…


On another note. After going through a phase of not really watching tv at all I seem to be pretty much hooked on two things just now. X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. This is a somewhat tricky combination when they are both on a Saturday night and I tend to spend most of my Saturday nights working. Hurrah for iplayer and youtube and all things that allow me to catch up on the world.

I very much enjoy this unbelievably cool man, Olly:

I’m not sure how many agree but I hope at least some do as I would quite like to keep watching him. Please.