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Nearly at the end of the road…

February 24, 2011 1 comment

On the 29th April I shall have finished my degree at University. Alarming times! That is the day I shall have my last ever undergraduate exam and shall be completely free. Whilst a lot of people seem to be rejoicing at this news I am actually really sad. I was sitting with some pals today and we were having a bit of a moment and we remembered back to our days in first year. What we realised is how different we are! Not only have we learnt a heck of a lot of law chats we have grown up. When you start university you feel very grown up, away from school and meeting new people. However, it makes me laugh so much now that I thought at the time I started I was mature and ready to take on the real world. I have no doubt that life away from university is going to teach me even more and I shall once again laugh at the bold statements I am making now.

I have built incredible friendships over the past four years and part of me is not really ready for that to end. I suppose that is all part of the unknown though. I am hoping to be back at university, although which one I am not sure, for another year but it will be a lot different. Different people, different learning, different aims. I’m worried. I am so used to the safety of university. It hides the fact I have no job and it contains my pals. It’s terrifying to consider leaving it. I reckon though, that having made it this far I can surely take one more step…eek!

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I may not be perfection, but i never claimed to be…

February 14, 2011 1 comment

Another song of joy I found today by Meghan Tonjes:

She is wonderful! 🙂 The lyrics are beautiful and it has been on repeat all day.

Out on the open highway
Out in the open air
See the world move beneath me
Leaving without a care
I know just where I came from
But I don’t know where I’ll end
Only thing that im sure of
I’d do it all again

I found a boy I could love
Maybe I found a few
Even with best intention
They never followed through
If he could take my heart now
He’d put right in her chest
Thinking he’d have a girl
He finally could love best

And im gonna be fine, fine, fine
I’m gonna be brilliant

This year is gonna be better
And you’re gonna see
Im gonna be stronger and a braver me
And im gonna make it ’cause I said I would
And do all the things you said I never could

I may not be perfection
But I never claimed to be
Maybe if I was thin or beautiful classically
Of all of the things I carry
And all of the things I know
I know that I will be loved
No matter where I go

And im gonna be fine, fine, fine
I’m just gonna be different

Maybe you’re the kind who needs lights falling down
Maybe you’re the kind who needs stars racing to the ground
Just to feel the things you wish for are coming true

Sometimes it’s hard to get up
Maybe it’s hard to speak
You think no one understands you
Feel like nobody sees
When the night’s dark around you
With all of the things you’ve lost
Know that the hope inside you
Sometimes is worth the cost

And we’re gonna be fine, fine, fine
We’ll be together

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011 1 comment

Last year I posted this picture:

I still love it. 🙂 (and that website!) Go!

Generally Valentine’s Day is a bit of a blaaah day. Sometimes I don’t really see the point. BUT this year I have come round to the idea. It is quite often focussed on one person telling another person how they feel but I think it can become quite a beautiful day if you just tell all the people. Yes, you don’t need a special day but it’s nice to let people know as we’re really good at forgetting to tell people.

So yes, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! xx