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Happy Easter!

April 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy Easter! 🙂

As soon as my exam is done on Fridaaay, I am going to get better at the blogging and documenting things chat. Hopefully, this time I shall not be full of false promises. I want to get properly into it before the General Assembly in May; I am a youth rep. Yay, and double yay!

I am going back to rejoicing for now though. 🙂

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Nearly at the end of the road…

February 24, 2011 1 comment

On the 29th April I shall have finished my degree at University. Alarming times! That is the day I shall have my last ever undergraduate exam and shall be completely free. Whilst a lot of people seem to be rejoicing at this news I am actually really sad. I was sitting with some pals today and we were having a bit of a moment and we remembered back to our days in first year. What we realised is how different we are! Not only have we learnt a heck of a lot of law chats we have grown up. When you start university you feel very grown up, away from school and meeting new people. However, it makes me laugh so much now that I thought at the time I started I was mature and ready to take on the real world. I have no doubt that life away from university is going to teach me even more and I shall once again laugh at the bold statements I am making now.

I have built incredible friendships over the past four years and part of me is not really ready for that to end. I suppose that is all part of the unknown though. I am hoping to be back at university, although which one I am not sure, for another year but it will be a lot different. Different people, different learning, different aims. I’m worried. I am so used to the safety of university. It hides the fact I have no job and it contains my pals. It’s terrifying to consider leaving it. I reckon though, that having made it this far I can surely take one more step…eek!

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Book Challenge 2011…

January 12, 2011 3 comments

I have been speaking to one of my American pals that I hardly ever see in the real world and she was talking about how she had been doing a “Book challenge” all of the last year. She aimed to read 50 books in a year. She read 43…which I still think is very much impressive! I have decided I am going to do it this year in some format. I can honestly say now that I will never read 50 books in a year. It would mean reading a book a week with two weeks extra. I am certain this won’t happen considering it is now the 12th January. I am, however, going to aim to read 40!

I got a Kindle for Christmas and it is very much wonderful so am hoping this aids my goal. It sounds a bit of a silly goal but I think reading is wonderful and I love it when I get into a book and can’t tear myself away. There are lots of books I am wanting to read at the moment so the first part of this challenge should not be too difficult. I don’t really want it to be difficult. I just want to have a wee laugh and a nice read.

I have so far in 2011 read one book…go me! It was a bit dirty, but that is ok. It was dirty 1930s style: Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I always remember in Higher English someone reading it and we always used to ask her what was happening in it. So I felt I had to read it. It was ok. When I finished it I kind of went “meh” in my head. The story is good and some of the themes were probably very apt at the time; social, class divides etc. etc.

Anywaaay I shall move on. I am not going to review 40 books. I am now reading “My Sister’s Keeper” which is quite an easy read and I’ll probably get through it quite quickly. I’ve always wanted to read it/see the film. I have done neither so am opting for the book. I hear it may get teary. Most things are with me.

I shall update here on what books I am reading more for my own benefit so I keep track. Hoorah! 🙂

Hello 2011…

January 10, 2011 1 comment

Happy New Year Blog!

It has been an incredibly long time since I blogged. I am not going to say I shall be much better at it now we are in 2011 as, for the next few months at least, life will be very, very busy. Last year I made a big post about how 2009 had been even though I still don’t always like to map life out in “years” as such. I tend to take everyday as it comes but, again, it does sometimes feel quite good to reflect upon the year that has gone by. Saying that, I am not going to do that. I will just say that 2010 has been very good. A few things that have been extra special that stick out are having a truly fantastic Burns night, going to Rome, passing my driving test, becoming an elder, choosing a dissertation topic I love, going to Fort Augustus for mission, having a final year of mission in Lossiemouth, passing exams, meeting some very wonderful people, maturing, Youth Assembly, being nominated as a Youth Rep for GA, joining an excellent orchestra and loving music again, being orchestra convener at uni, barnhill café and baby Alfie being born! There was lots more but that is off the top of my head.

I probably should but I never really set myself big goals for the year coming. It is mostly because I cannot decide what they should be. Last year I wanted to pass my driving test. I did that…eventually! Hoorah! This year I would like to get a job…but I’ll see how that turns out! I am hoping.

2011 is looking very nice. There are lots of things to look forward to…mostly graduating and General Assembly! 🙂

I am excited. This post has been pointless. But feel the excitement. And I shall no doubt return to blab about Rabbie Burns again, because he is a favourite.