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Hello 2011…

January 10, 2011 1 comment

Happy New Year Blog!

It has been an incredibly long time since I blogged. I am not going to say I shall be much better at it now we are in 2011 as, for the next few months at least, life will be very, very busy. Last year I made a big post about how 2009 had been even though I still don’t always like to map life out in “years” as such. I tend to take everyday as it comes but, again, it does sometimes feel quite good to reflect upon the year that has gone by. Saying that, I am not going to do that. I will just say that 2010 has been very good. A few things that have been extra special that stick out are having a truly fantastic Burns night, going to Rome, passing my driving test, becoming an elder, choosing a dissertation topic I love, going to Fort Augustus for mission, having a final year of mission in Lossiemouth, passing exams, meeting some very wonderful people, maturing, Youth Assembly, being nominated as a Youth Rep for GA, joining an excellent orchestra and loving music again, being orchestra convener at uni, barnhill café and baby Alfie being born! There was lots more but that is off the top of my head.

I probably should but I never really set myself big goals for the year coming. It is mostly because I cannot decide what they should be. Last year I wanted to pass my driving test. I did that…eventually! Hoorah! This year I would like to get a job…but I’ll see how that turns out! I am hoping.

2011 is looking very nice. There are lots of things to look forward to…mostly graduating and General Assembly! 🙂

I am excited. This post has been pointless. But feel the excitement. And I shall no doubt return to blab about Rabbie Burns again, because he is a favourite.

To boldly go…

August 31, 2010 2 comments

Hello blog.

I have not blogged in a LONG time. I have been on holiday from university and took that as an opportunity to take an actual holiday from most things, including social media- well some of it.

Anyway, I appear to be back.

This Friday I am going to the National Youth Assembly 2010- To Boldly Go…
This shall be my 6th (!) Youth Assembly. I am old.

I think I write about it most years, so I shall keep it short.

You can follow all the goings on in the blog world via…this link
Also people will be twittering under the hashtag #nya2010 or the user @cosy_nya

I’m hoping for good debates. I’m hoping that people will speak and share their stories, their views. I’m hoping people will feel included. I’m hoping for fun. I’m hoping people will meet God.

This song speaks these hopes I think…
People have names, people have voices.

Walking by faith…

February 27, 2010 3 comments

I didn’t really think I would write about this as I am never sure if it is something you should write about in a blog but then again, it’s not a secret. I simply suck at speaking about such things.
Quite a few months ago I was asked to be an elder. I am not the best at making any kind of decision never mind one that involves a life time commitment. Therefore, I have changed my mind so, so many times. It’s tricky. It’s made me look at my whole self, my faith, my relationships…everything! My main concern is my age and I absolutely know that should not be an issue but it feels like a factor. I’m not convinced I have anything to bring to the role of an elder. I’m not convinced I am mature enough. Everything is one big doubt.

Another part of me feels called to the role. I never really understood “callings” but then I don’t think you do until you experience one. It’s hard to describe. Maybe I am letting doubts and fears get in the way of it all but maybe I am being realistic too?! I am not sure.

I remembered this song a lovely friend of mine introduced me to over the summer: “By Faith” by Keith and Kristyn Getty. I love their music. It’s modern and relevant and doesn’t make me feel awkward or uncomfortable! hoorah. Anyway, point is…that song. It’s about walking by faith and not by sight. Tricky tricky tricky. I feel small. That is all.

“all are welcome”…?!

November 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been woken up a lot this month. I’ve been talking, as I often do and I have heard a few things that made me ponderponderponder.

There was recently a fundraising concert in our church with lots of loud singing. A friend of mine had been walking by and had heard the concert was going on. In fact, she knew one of the girls singing in it. She told me that she had really wanted to come in but hadn’t been in church for a long, long time and was “scared the elders might shout at her”.

Today, a very lovely friend told me she had thought about coming to church at Christmas time but was scared cause she had never really been because of her parents and was scared about what people from the church would think or say.

What kind of image is that?! I realise this does not represent church everywhere and there are places where such an image is not present but it is clearly still an ongoing image that is portrayed in some places. We talk about making people welcome and gosh…we DO talk about it. That is good. Talking to people is good. But there comes a point where there needs to be action. How often do we sit there, leave it to one group of people to attempt to solve, leave them to talk about it? Maybe it’s something people think will “just get better” over time. It really won’t.

I’m feeling a little bit restless.

I want to talk. I want to share. I want to move.

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field of dreams.

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

I have now returned from the National Youth Assembly 2009, held in Striling University Campus. I’m exhausted. We’ve been debating, dreaming, reflecting, chatting and rarely sleeping. It was my 5th Youth Assembly and it was very, very different to any other one I had attended in the past. I shall return later after further resting but if you want to see what went on over the weekend, the Youth Assembly blog will be able to fill you in: cosyblog

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pilgrim, how you journey…

August 8, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s now been a month since we all returned from the Holy Land and I can’t believe I haven’t really blogged about it yet. I definitely haven’t stopped talking about it to people! I’m not really sure where to start. In fact, I’m not even sure I want to start putting any thoughts into writing because then that seems to signal closure and I really don’t ever want that to happen. It wasn’t just a trip away; It was a journey. A journey that completely blew my mind, broke my heart and changed my thinking, and faith, in a big, big way.


We arrived in Tiberias after a long time travelling; we were delayed in Heathrow and had to sit on a very hot, non air conditioning, plane for quite some time. That seemed a distant memory instantly as we walked out of the airport in Tel Aviv. As we walked out into the heat I remember being completely amazed and excited at the fact I was there, I was in Israel! I couldn’t get my head round actually being there…in fact I still haven’t got my head round that! That same night we got our first glimpse of the sea of Galilee which was totally not what I expected, as with most things I encountered. Although I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect before going, I guess I was definitely not thinking there would be a McDonald’s, lively bars, music and even party boats all by the sea of Galilee! It seemed a totally bizarre first experience of the country but a totally realistic one. I saw the Israel of today.

The next day, our first full day in the country, we went to Nazareth. We visited the Greek Orthodox church of the annunciation and the Basilica of the Annunciation. Something I noticed right from the start was how beautiful everything was and how much effort had been put into making them so grand. I found it fascinating but then the sceptic inside of me thinks…why? What is the need? Do people need wonderful art in order to reflect upon the events that supposedly happened there? Perhaps they do, but has it gone too far? Has it gone over the top? I am not sure. I had more thoughts on this later on in the pilgrimage but I will mention them later. As we were walking through Nazareth we did come across a piece of art that really did tell a story and did aid reflection. We saw a beautiful statue of Gabriel and Mary where Gabriel is telling Mary she is pregnant…

Mary and Gabriel

Mary and Gabriel

It is such a simple statue with fascinating facial expressions and tells such a wonderful story. I loved it; I loved how it conveyed Mary’s fear. I loved how something so simple could tell me such a story.
At this time we walked through the market in Nazareth which gave us a real flavour of Israel. I couldn’t stop turning my head whilst walking through; I wanted to see what they were selling, how people were interacting with each other. I wanted to really watch but it all went by rather quickly as we kept up with the speed of the marketplace.

Another highlight of the day was our visit to Mount Tabor; where the transfiguration was believed to have taken place. It was phenominal. The taxi ride up there is quite an alarming experience but as a fellow pilgrim pointed out, imagine the disciples walking up there! The church there is beautiful and we spent a fair amount of time there, taking pictures, being still and taking it all in. The transfiguration…what a story! What a location! It really was spectacular. It was our first real sense of spending time in a place where one of Jesus’ stories took place. I could have looked out from Mount Tabor for such a long time. It was naturally grand; the landscape. It was so, so beautiful.

a view from Mount Tabor

a view from Mount Tabor

That was our first day out and about in Israel. I was going to try and blog about more than one day at a time but I’ll leave it at that for the moment and come back to the rest. Writing about it is making me want to go back in a huge way. Tricky.

one brick at a time…

May 13, 2009 1 comment

It’s taken many years but our church finally have our new hall! Hurray! There are many photos of it and of us all having our first look inside. It was such a good day, everyone is so excited about it and the opportunities it is going to bring. We built it together (i’m glad we didn’t literally build it) and now it’s a place for everyone. Happy, happy times.

a view from the new hall.

a view from the new hall.

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