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“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.”

April 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I am being super cool and listening to the Wizard of Oz soundtrack. I was meant to be revising as well, but I felt like some Oz chat.

I love, love, love this film. I might go as far as to say it is my favourite which is odd because I don’t think I appreciated it so much as a child. I think I began to love it when I was a munchkin in our school show which was incredibly fun, as well as ridiculous, and I realised what an amazing story it is.

Dorothy is such a cool character; dreaming of adventure and bigger things and making friends along the way. There’s something really endearing, and a little weird to be honest, about the way she meets the scarecrow, tin man and lion and without asking too many questions invites them along on the adventure with her. They all have dreams and I suppose they think that there is one thing/person that can make these dreams come true. But really, they didn’t need that one person- they just needed a bit of self belief. I think that particular theme is one of the things that makes the film so timeless, making it enjoyable for all. That, and the fact that munchkins are hilarious. I love the munchkinland scene a lot. Once you have played the part of a munchkin in a show- you will never forget any of the words to that scene.

Anyway, point is. I love Oz. This makes the fact that the BBC show “Over the Rainbow” has started all the more fun. They are looking for a Dorothy which is tricky because most people picture Judy Garland as THEE Dorothy. Anyway, it’s fun and allows me to enjoy Wizardy fun.

I love Wizard of Oz items too. I have an amaaazing purse. It is so good, that since owning it I have never been tempted into buying any other purse which sounds silly but I like purses and own far too many so finding a dream purse has been a good thing. I hope it never dies though as they appear to not make them anymore. They make pretty coin ones but the large one is super amazing, pretty and practical.

I have my eyes on a canvas bag with the same picture on it from The site has lots of Wizard items for me to long for, but I realise it is a bit ridiculous and I should maybe get over it. But they are all very pretty.

I love the music from the film too. I hate the music which plays when the wicked witch features; it creeps me out in a big way, but I realise this may be a sign of an excellent score. I love the joyful bits. Ah, it’s so good.

So yes, this post has no relevance to anything except to express my absolute love of the film and all things realted to it.

One thing that is definitely not nice is “Return to Oz”. I quite enjoyed watching it but it is very much creepy. This is mostly because of the “Wheelers.”

I should aim to be more productive in life.

hope in your hands.

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since Youth Assembly and as usual things seem to move along much quicker in life after it. I’m now back at uni and into week 2 studying courses I think I am going to properly love. Whilst it’s a lot of work I am totally loving it so far despite the occasional moan.

I meant to blog properly about Youth Assembly but I’ll see what happens. It was very much a mini journey this year. I was very nervous about a new location, nervous it was going to be different whilst really excited at the same time about the change. I explored different debate topics throughout the weekend. I was challenged. I dealt with some challenges and have left some unsolved for the moment. I moved on whilst leaving some rubbish behind me. I looked forward. I dreamed. I am still dreaming. Throughout the summer I have had this mini train of thought all based around “hope”. The weekend has definitely filled me with that on so many levels. My dreams are bigger that they have ever been, they are forever changing and are being forever driven by this thing we call hope. Some of these dreams just seem too big at the moment. I always seem to have more questions than answers and am forever searching for something bigger whilst not really knowing what that “something” is.

Here is a beautiful song:

“Teach me how to hum it, cause’ I don’t know the words yet…”

field of dreams.

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

I have now returned from the National Youth Assembly 2009, held in Striling University Campus. I’m exhausted. We’ve been debating, dreaming, reflecting, chatting and rarely sleeping. It was my 5th Youth Assembly and it was very, very different to any other one I had attended in the past. I shall return later after further resting but if you want to see what went on over the weekend, the Youth Assembly blog will be able to fill you in: cosyblog

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