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September 25, 2009 1 comment

I appear to be back in university land these days, starting third year! Scary, scary. It goes far too quickly. It all seems a bit manic at the moment with huge reading lists been given to us and hand-in dates popping up already. Another alarming thing is that we are constantly being reminded about summer placements, work experience, careers and in the past I have tended to get by quite happily ignoring all of that, thinking it was quite some time away. Not so much now. I shall look upon it as an exciting venture maybe.

Lawyer? Maybe. Hopefully.


In other news. We are getting a puppy very soon. She shall be a liver, flat coated retriever. She doesn’t have a name yet although I am calling her Bella for the moment. I don’t think anyone else is keen on that name. Our other dog, Rowan, is a black, flat coated retriever and she is lovely if a bit over friendly for some people. It is hard to get a picture of her without a ball somewhere in the picture so she ends up looking quite ridiculous but oh well. Here she is:


So yes, I like dogs and I am very, very excited about the puppy action! It was probably the wrong time in life to embark upon reading “Marley and Me” by John Grogan. I never went to see the film partly because I am rubbish at remembering to actually go to the cinema and partly because I had heard about the tears situation. I thought by reading it I would avoid any sort of public humiliation. The book actually made me happy more than anything. Dogs are wonderful. It sounds silly but they make lovely pals and if you are a dog owner reading the book you totally appreciate that. It made my soul light up a bit.

Gosh. Lots of dog chat. Not sure that mixes too well with the lawyer chat earlier.

then there’s the kind that can’t make up their mind…

March 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I am currently sitting trying to write an essay of the variety where I am unsure what to think and quite often my opinion comes across a bit blurry. This is usually the case; sometimes thinking is dangerous for my essays. It would be easier to have one line of thought but then that would also be a whole lot more boring and less fun to write. This chat may not be overly thrilling for many people but it has been fascinating me for the past wee while.

Next month the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 comes into force. EEP. It’s huge in it’s impact. It liberalises lots of things to do with stem cell research and also, and the part that is causing a wee bit of stress, introduced provisions that allow people to become registered as a child’s parent without any biological connection to the child. There is a brief outline of what the act does here: (act-department of health) A lot of people have shown concern for it in the fact that in some sense it does away with the need for a “father figure” but rather goes for a co-parenting emphasis. It values all parents.

I think the new laws are good; it’s so much more accepting. It’s seeking to minimise stigma attached to different parenting arrangements and broadens the whole concept of family. Maybe I am too crazymental but I think this is something that is really needed. It’s not perfect, no, but then no Act is I guess. I read this today: (article) It’s got me thinking all over again. I still think that these new provisions are a great step forward but it’s hard to not think you are surrounded by people who are opposed to it and maybe that it will be detrimental all round. I think only time will tell.

Anyway, enough of the potentially boring chat. I may have to come back and edit/add to it though as I have written this very quickly and as usual, my thoughts are flying about Willy Wonka chocolate million pieces style.


hissing and fizzing like snakes…

March 19, 2009 Leave a comment

This video seemed to be viewed by the whole library at some point today. I still haven’t worked out how that happens; although the fact our law library is very small may be a factor. This was the joy for today though. Happy times:

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i’m so excited, and i just can’t hide it…

January 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Definitely a cheesy blog title, but I feel this week may justify it…

Going back to school time!

Going back to school time!

Obama time!

Obama time!

robert burns night!

robert burns night!

a new minister...

a new minister...

Lots of good things happening. And on a slightly more ridiculous note, I had a small American Tail/Feival Goes West moment today and it was happy. I should have been more productive but it was the first day back.

please don’t go rushing by, stay and make my heart fly…

January 3, 2009 1 comment

Wow, blogging again. I always think when new year comes around that I am not a Hogmanay fan, and I’m still not certain I am but this year it turned out to be really lovely and definitely did not give me cause to be grumpy. I guess sometimes I think that New Year can be over rated and actually it is just another day but after much thought, I think maybe that it is good to look back upon the year that has passed and look forward to the new one and it gives a chance for a fresh start although I guess this can happen at anytime in the year, not just New Year.

2008 has been a funny little year. It’s been full of little events that maybe didn’t seem much at the time but when you look back on them as part of “your year” then they all seem to add up and you are able to see what has changed since 2007, ways you have changed, ways people have changed and ways the world has changed.

2008 had loads of exciting little moments and I think quite a lot of these were down to people. I met so many new people, strengthened friendships, lost people, loved people. I laughed so much with people: face jokes, meatloaf singstar, eating pie on pi day, excessive hand washing, getting ripped because of my accent in tutorial, ear chat, nominating committee banter and sex bombing.(that sounds wrong. that’s probably because it is.) The list is endless. Laughter is good. I also realised how much I loved people and I also experienced being loved even if I couldn’t and still cannot understand why. My heart was, and still is, broken from missing someone; someone that had such a profound impact on my life that things just don’t seem right without them near. There are so many people who have been part of, have made, my year. I let people in more they have changed who I am.

“So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You’ll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend.”
(“For Good” from Wicked the musical)

I didn’t think I would write about what I am next going to mention but it seems to be important for some reason. I have been really fortunate this year with being able to be at university and have time to study whilst having a job(or two) that I really, really love. One has given me amazing friends, laughter and space to study and the other has given me the opportunity to be involved in something I really care about even if it means researching Broughty Ferry’s non existent train service. It also allows me to sit and listen to FMQ’s with a cup of tea and a lot of non selling your soul banter. It’s very sad that I will probably have to leave them both at some point this year. It will definitely leave a massive hole when the time comes and I’m not totally sure what will fill it…

A small breakthrough this year has been with university. It has never been a horrific experience but the whole of first year was full of panic that I was studying the wrong subject and that I was in the wrong city. Second year has so far made it clear that I love the subject I am studying. I have no idea what will happen after university and although that may not be helpful it doesn’t take away from the fact that I love being and learning at university. I guess I am just really rubbish at decisions and I am unsure how to fix this but a lot has been clearer after knowing that is actually ok to not be a lawyer, or in fact be one and it’s ok to hate company law. I am scared of what will happen but I am also really excited. I am scared of possibly going away for a year in September and being away from so many people and places for such a long time. But i am equally scared of missing an opportunity like that because of fear. I feel like I need to grab it and go but at the same time I don’t currently want to and that is really confusing but could potentially be amazing.

“I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance
and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance,
I hope you dance, I hope you dance”
(“I Hope You Dance”- Ronan Keating)

I think as every year passes there is always this horrible fear of getting older. It’s something you cannot control and you cannot rewind time and go back to any time you want. It’s good to look back on good times that have passed but it’s also good to look to the future and be filled with that same happiness. It’s a harder task sometimes but hope makes it easier and there are many people from 2008 who make the future feel exciting be it in the worldwide sense, for writing a song, for providing opportunity or even just for making me laugh.

barack obama
stewart hosie
david lunan and gordon brown
Karine Polwart
michael mcintyre

As I keep writing this, and I am taking many days, I am very aware that there were points of the year where I made mistakes, sometimes small ones, sometimes big ones. Everyone makes them and sometimes it’s really hard to let go of them. There is a lot of “if only…” chat and it’s hard to see why I would cling onto it. I know I don’t have to but it’s still there. The mistakes have made me who I am so it’s the after product I should cling onto but it’s really odd. Forgiving yourself is sometimes harder than forgiving other people.

“Take the tiredness of my days,
take my past regret,
letting your forgiveness touch
all I can’t forget”
(Take This Moment-CH4 (ayeeee) 501)

I think it would be impossible to go through a 2008 blog without mentioning General Assembly and Youth Assembly, however, I am not going to say a lot about them. There is an earlier blog about Youth Assembly so I would possibly just repeat myself but the impact these events have had has been huage. I’ve experienced grace, community, love and learning in huge proportions and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to express how grateful I am for that.

I feel this may be a good time to stop but 2008 has been good, if a little bit funny. I’m really excited about 2009 and hopefully I’ll choose to dance like Ronan Keating.

Everything’s fine, just fine…

September 17, 2008 1 comment

I love song lyrics, I love how they make you feel; or how they can give you a sense of understanding. Saying that I think I actually love instrumental music more so. You can create your own little pictures, stories and words to the music and that’s beautiful how music can do that…and also kind of fun!

I’ve been listening to this song by Yvonne Lyon a lot over the past few days:



Today I saw an angel,

She was smaller than I’d hoped for,

I would have recognised her sooner, had there been a shining light,

Or white wings and a halo, like you see in all the movies

But heaven has a way of sometimes sneaking up on you.

And all eternity was wrapped up in her smile,

and she whispered with her eyes,

Everything’s just fine, just fine,

Everything’s fine, just fine.


Happy is the heart that finds a way to overcome,

Despite a world that turns you upside down

You can shout louder now,

You can sing louder now,

Everything’s fine, just fine,

Everything’s fine, just fine.

I’ve been trying to gear myself up to going back to uni over the past few days which has been a much more difficult task than I once thought. I guess many people didn’t actually know that in the back of my head I had planned not to go back for second year at Dundee. The main reason I thought this was because¬†I felt, for the first time,¬†I knew what I wanted to do and where¬†I wanted to go with studying law. To do this I would be better to take certain modules¬†that just aren’t available at Dundee and would make things very difficult. I guess it is kind of bizarre that I eventually decided to go and matriculate the other day. I’m not even sure why I did. So I’ve been sitting thinking that maybe I have missed an opportunity here and that I have been a small fool. I was just too scared…it terrfied me to think I might be throwing away something that I loved for something that could potentially go oh so wrong. There have and will be so many “what ifs…”.


I was comforted today by a lot of talking and whilst I may be still annoyed at myself for not taking such a jump maybe it’s not such a bad thing. I don’t have to limit myself to being at uni for five years. If there are law modules I want to do that aren’t possible at Dundee, there are ways to make that happen without having to start all over again in a new city. I’m still being consumed a little by this stupid illness. I still get the odd random day where I feel like I cannot physically move and I haven’t quite found a way to adjust to it. It’s a really frightening thing too because when you cannot DO anything, you tend to think more and then you get drained mentally as well as physically and then you just crash and burn and feel utterly useless. There are also so many things I’m committed to in Dundee….church, music and controversially labour (which is very horrid at the moment and requires another entry).¬† Maybe I am just making excuses for my lack of determination or my lack of ability to make things happen BUT I don’t think by not acting things will be bad. I need time to get better; I’ve never coped well with being ill because I am not a fan of resting and such things.¬†I also need to keep learning for sanity reasons and maybe the best way to do both these things is to stay put. Whilst that wasn’t my original reason for deciding to stay (I’ll be honest; I was being a wimp!) maybe it is actually the right decision. I am also aware I may be making excuses for my foolish ways and am totally open to the fact that I have made the wrong decision. I don’t really know actually. I am still longing for some understanding on it all but at the same time as someone said to me today, accidentally quoting the song I have been listening to so much…everything IS fine and I got a lot of comfort out of just hearing that. I might not know right now what the right decision was but I’m open to whatever is going to happen.


¬†This has all been a bit rambly and not quite as cheery as I had hoped but I am actually a LOT more content than maybe these words suggest. There is a strange excitement amongst it all…but it’s also a TERRIFIED excitement. It does bring me back to Mark Yaconelli’s talk about being “free” and all the small group chat that happened after. I always have a very annoying need for reassurance…a need to know I am doing the right thing; inability to make decisions. I can never just DO something. There is nothing wrong with thinking things through but I take it a step further; I back away if there are doubts filling my mind. Maybe if I could stop doubting, stop analysing I could be free…this perhaps needs more of a ponder.


On a more hilarious note; my brother’s phone charger exploded- big noise, big light etc. whilst I was baking. The charger was just outside the kitchen at this moment in time and must have sounded like it was from there. My Dad was in the house and after my delayed reaction scream I heard him say “OH” in a very casual manner. He continued to walk through slowly¬†to say “I’m so glad you’re not on the floor! Now what was that?”. I had to laugh and then I ripped him a lot for his casual reaction to my potential self combustion but then thought…BUT how DO you react?! Weird and horrible thought for the day and I apologise that I am now going to leave you with that thought…