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I can think of better things…

April 23, 2010 1 comment

I was going to post a big election related post. I won’t do that at the moment; I shall keep it short. But I have been struggling with choosing who to vote for. I’m taking it very seriously which I think everyone should do and I’m trying to work out what the big issues are. For me, it’s Trident. To me, it is hypocritical and immoral. It makes me sad. Anyway, it’s had a big effect on how I want to vote. Instead of ramble on about it I shall leave the lyrics, and a video if I can find it, of a Karine Polwart song. When I went to see one of her gigs, she sang this and explained that she wrote it about Trident. It seems to sum up a lot of the feelings I have towards it all. And yes…for the moment I shall still be sad about it all. But maybe one day, it shall all change. I shall hope.

Ten thousand years of big ideas
Distilled into a billion fears
A grand design, a shiny rocket
A bullet in a bully’s pocket

So mesmerized by particles
We disregard the articles
The ones we wrote to keep the peace
Sullied now in blood and greed and grease

Is this the best that we can do?
Oh I can think of better things, can’t you?

With the devil’s pitchfork in our hands
We turn the fields of foreign lands
We mine the Gulf, we dig it deeper
We free the serpent from its keeper

Yet these are the hands that fix the bones
The ones that build with sticks and stones
These are the hands that plant the tree
The ones that pull the newborn baby free

Is this the best that we can do?
Oh I can think of better things, can’t you?
Oh I can think of better things
That hands can make and hearts can sing

For now we deal with those for whom
A life is but a carnal tomb
In which the darkness holds no power
Neither does the final hour

We may lament the deadly art
Of tiny atoms torn apart
Visions that we can’t return
And future fires in which we fear we’ll burn

But this is the art of those before
Who found a cure within the core
The noble mind behind the ray
That eased our earthly cares away

Is this the best that we can do?
Oh I can think of better things, can’t you?
Oh I can think of better things
That hands can make and hearts can sing
And hearts can sing

Better Things: Music and Lyrics by Karine Polwart

BBC – Celtic Connections 2010 – Ewan McLennan

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I have a new singer to add to my favourites list – Ewan McLennan. Here is a video of him singing at Celtic Connections. He is singing a very Dundee flavoured song so obviously, I am a fan. He is quite intense but very, very good and very Scottish. And beautiful. That is all. Hurrah for music.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(I am trying to post this through “vodpod” and am now editing it through normal wordpress action. I am not sure if it will work. Let’s hope so!)

Happy Birthday Rabbie!

January 24, 2010 3 comments

It’s the birthday of Robert Burns! Or at least it is going to be very, very soon! Apparently his birth date is debatable but am willing to not get too pedantic about that point. Point is, his poetry and fascinating life is definitely worth remembering and celebrating.

I think what I love most about Burns and his poetry is that he was inspired by such ordinary things. You feel like you get to know him a little bit through reading his poems. He wrote about work, surroundings, family and probably most of all and most famously about love. He is well known for being “casual” when it came to love and that comes across in some of his work. Sometimes I think people forget that he loved dearly though. He loved and he lost. “Ae fond kiss” is heart breaking and it shows a totally different side to him. He was real.

I cannot choose a favourite poem. It changes constantly. But since I mentioned it before, here is a video of Karen Matheson and Paul Brady performing “Ae fond kiss”. I love, love, love Karen Matheson’s voice. Teamed with Burns action = perfecto!

Oh and on a more ridiculous note (to stop me getting teary over the beautiful song) I found these rather wonderful shoes on Weird? Very much so. Definitely considering them as a wardrobe essential though. Maybe taking it too far. Hum.

Anyway…Happy Birthday Rabbie! (251 years, I think! Eep!)

accordion joy.

April 8, 2009 1 comment

I know accordion music doesn’t seem to be exactly the music swamping everyone’s ipods and I quite often jest about my love of the accordion but I really do love it. I think to a lot of people it seems a very old fashioned instrument and is very much for playing Scottish music. Don’t get me wrong, that is cool too. I got emailed this video today and it made me very, very happy:

Phil & Johnny Cunningham (I tried to embed this but it is not allowed so this shall have to do)

I have been listening to a lot of classical accordion the past few days, mostly, if not all, played by this man: James Crabb. It’s so exciting to listen too; it’s amazing how diverse it can be. I have seen him play a few times and he always surprises me. On a slightly bizarre note, he is pals with my Dad and is responsible for me being allowed to see Phil C- i stood there in stunned silence really. One of my favourite pieces he plays is called “How to play in D major without caring…”. It’s super fun. You can listen to him on Spotify would you believe, although I think probably not that piece.

Oh, and sometimes in my head I dream that I can play more than Tom Jones or Christmas carols on the accordion. In these dreams I play one of these:

Digital Accordion.

Digital Accordion.

I thought I would share the joy. 🙂