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How do we respond to global terror?

June 29, 2015 Leave a comment

This week has seen many horrific stories in the news – stories from around the world involving terror, death and fear. How do we respond to it?

When I heard/saw the news, I was in a public building which had a news screen and I saw that people had gathered round it. I saw the flashing “Breaking News” scroll across the bottom so realised that something had happened. The sad part was that it wasn’t just one thing. Stories came in from Tunisia, France and Kuwait. The even sadder part was that this isn’t the first time that we have heard stories of this nature. It’s becoming less surprising and more normal but still the same level of terrifying.

How do we respond to these stories? How do we stop them from becoming “normal”? Can we? Can anything be done?

I don’t know.

What has moved me this particular evening is reading stories from survivors. I read them and started crying – all of them are so thankful to be here and so sorry for those who are not. What really touched me was the stories of the hotel workers and other local people going all out to help people – creating a human barricade around a hotel and hiding people. What bravery these people showed. There were others and in particular, the man who took a bullet for his fiance. Through all the terror, we see huge acts of love that we just don’t see in everyday life. I wish we did, but it seems to take a terrifying act for love to shine some light.

The world scares me at the moment but in that, there is hope. There is love.

A phrase that is particularly apt for this week, particularly in light of the news in America at the weekend – #lovewins